Game 103

Family-Friendly Games and Entertainment

Content Added on Thursday, October 27th

Timemu Find a new home for your family of emus by controlling time to use past versions of yourself to clear levels. 5 plays
Spring Marbles
Spring Marbles Select smaller groups of marbles from the larger group that match the shapes required to complete levels. 5 plays

Content Added on Thursday, October 20th

Abstract Defense
Abstract Defense Shoot the colored blocks with the correct end of the cannon as you try to last as long as possible. 10 plays

Content Added on Sunday, October 16th

Daxpy the Dino
Daxpy the Dino Eat the fresh fruit before any of it spoils while playing as a dinosaur. 177 plays

Content Added on Friday, October 14th

Mousie's Adventure Run
Mousie's Adventure Run Watch a playthrough of the Game 103 game, Mousie's Adventure, in which you are trying to save your family while avoiding mouse traps! 17 views
Trampoline Chickadee Run
Trampoline Chickadee Run Watch a playthrough of the Game 103 game, Trampoline Chickadee, where your use trampolines to complete levels while avoiding bees. 17 views
Marula Run
Marula Run Watch a playthrough of the Game 103 game, Marula, where your goal is to collect the marula fruit with your trunk and avoid monkeys. 16 views
Click the Elephant Run
Click the Elephant Run Watch a playthrough of the Game 103 game, Click the Elephant, where you must click elephants but not giraffes. 19 views

Content Added on Thursday, October 13th

Globby Collect all the coins in each level as quickly as possible while strategically pushing crates and avoiding obstacles. 17 plays
Cocoa Fetch Movie
Cocoa Fetch Movie Watch Cocoa have a bright idea as he tries to get rid of a familiar foe in this early Game 103 video. 17 views

Content Added on Saturday, September 24th

MazeEye Move only in a straight line towards a wall in order to collect the key and get to the exit. 34 plays

Content Added on Friday, September 16th

Super Bouncy Quest
Super Bouncy Quest Aim the bouncy balls at the proper hoops and buttons in order to complete the quests. 37 plays
Tigger and Eeyore
Tigger and Eeyore Tigger has the idea that Eeyore should become a Tigger too! 37 views
Noobies Invasion
Noobies Invasion Remove blocks to trap the enemies before they escape. 39 plays
Bround Create walls to keep the ball in play and keep scoring more points! 40 plays

Content Added on Monday, September 5th

Mystery Dungeon - ETD
Mystery Dungeon - ETD Join the first adventure of two friends as they fetch an item needed to save another pokemon in need. 49 views
Stunt Pilot
Stunt Pilot Carefully fly through all the rings in your stunt plane. 62 plays
Mini Putt 3
Mini Putt 3 Aim for a low score as you play a round of Mini Golf! 60 plays
Wild Wild Taxi
Wild Wild Taxi Complete as many levels as you can before failing one by running out of time as you avoid the other cars. 64 plays
Rainbow Mechanic
Rainbow Mechanic Place mirrors in different locations to allow the light to reach the prism and form a rainbow! 70 plays

Content Added on Saturday, September 3rd

Mommy Ducky
Mommy Ducky Collect all of your baby ducks and get them out of the pool while avoiding the crocodiles and sharks. 54 plays

Content Added on Saturday, August 27th

Run 2
Run 2 Reach the end of the level while playing as either a runner or a skater in this 3D game. 36 plays
Helicopter Game
Helicopter Game Navigate your helicopter carefully past the obstacles and aim for a high score. 64 plays
Pops Frenzy
Pops Frenzy Pop as many bubbles as you can in the allotted time but make sure to avoid the bad ones. 51 plays
Tappy Stars
Tappy Stars Click the stars in the correct order as fast as you can! 38 plays

Content Added on Tuesday, August 23rd

Fishy Become the biggest fish in the pond by eating smaller fish and avoiding larger fish. 47 plays
Mini Machines
Mini Machines Race around different table tops and upgrade your tiny, remote-controlled car. 46 plays
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