Duck in a Truck
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Thanks for playing the Game 103 app, Duck in a Truck. On this page you will find some gameplay tips tricks, and mechanics, credits, and a way to contact the developer with any questions that you have.

Gameplay Tips, Tricks, and Mechanics

  • See missions in the pause menu.
  • Many missions are easiest to complete when the truck is stopped after getting the stop powerup.
  • The stop, invincibility, double coins, and double points powerups are time based. The +3 seconds and slow truck powerups are not.
  • Every time you land the hay in the truck, powerups have a chance to reset. Powerups will reset when you lose the game as well.
  • The timer indicates how much time you have left to drop the hay before it drops automatically. This decreases as you earn more points.
  • There are 6 Game Center achievements in Duck in a Truck. Check them by clicking view leaderboard.
  • Landing the hay in the back of the truck gives you 5 points multiplied by the tier you dropped the hay from. Landing on the top gives you 6 points multiplied by the tier you dropped the hay from, and landing on the front gives you 7 points multiplied by the tier you dropped the hay from.
  • Buying double coins will also double any coins you buy (20,000 or 100,000 coins packs).


To contact me, James Grams, the developer of Duck in a Truck, send an email to Thanks for playing!

Credits and other information

Programming, Art, and Music: James Grams

Product Testing: Rachel Grams, James Grams

Font (Accidental Presidency): Tepid Monkey