Trampoline Chickadee Trampoline Chickadee Jump on trampolines and avoid bees in three fun and challenging levels. 341 plays The Big Pig Game The Big Pig Game Play as a pig as you use power ups to complete levels and avoid vegetables. 242 plays Mousie's Adventure Mousie's Adventure Travel through twenty levels as a mouse. Avoid mouse traps and collect cheese! 177 plays Globby Globby Collect all the coins in each level as quickly as possible while strategically pushing crates and avoiding obstacles. 171 plays Pajama Boy 3 Pajama Boy 3 Complete small stages by dodging obstacles, collecting keys, and opening cages in order to save the city! 170 plays Timemu Timemu Find a new home for your family of emus by controlling time to use past versions of yourself to clear levels. 162 plays Paint Over Paint Over Jump on tiles to find the key and unlock the door, but avoid tiles that are the same color as you. 158 plays Jelly Drips Jelly Drips Escape from the lab by strategically controlling two different characters. 151 plays 300 Miles to Pigsland 300 Miles to Pigsland Upgrade your abilities to get past obstacles and reach Pigsland. 149 plays Ice Beak Ice Beak Get past the fiery enemies with swift flying and using your ice beak. 148 plays This is the Only Level This is the Only Level Play through one level but in a fun and different way each time. 144 plays Muse Muse Change the music to control items around you to complete the levels. 140 plays Sky Island Sky Island Complete levels by getting past enemies, collecting stars, and changing your viewpoint. 139 plays Bob the Blob Bob the Blob Play as Bob the blob with the ability to change colors in this puzzle platformer. 126 plays Achievement Unlocked Achievement Unlocked Focus on collecting all of the achievements in the seemingly small game! 122 plays