This little bird loves to fly around the farm. He enjoys leisure flights when it is windy. His favorite colors are blue, red, and grey. Although he loves to spend time with other blue birds, he also enjoys meeting up with his pigeon and cardinal friends on the farm. Sometimes, he dreams about flying across the world with his friends.
Bunny Rabbit Sweetie
This cute bunny is who you take care of in Carotz and More! She loves when you give her attention through baths, games, and feeding, but she is no weakling! This bunny has braved the harsh meadows and the daunting task of traveling across many worlds to complete Age of Bunnies. For a time, she was even on the logo for Game 103. The bunny is based on the bunnies that I used to have as pets as seen in the video in Age of Bunnies. She is named after what I wanted to call my little sister before she was born.
This cloud is much smaller than the other clouds, but he does not let that bother him. He loves to float around, but he makes it is purpose to avoid hitting objects in the sky in order not to blur their vision. He is a kind cloud. However, that does not stop him from playing games. He thinks that most clouds have quite a boring life, so he tries his best to zip through the skies when he is going somewhere to try and encourage the other clouds to have a little fun.
Cocoa is my dog, born on January 2, 2006, and he has had many appearances in Game 103 games over the years. He is a Chocolate Labrador who loves to be around his family wherever they are (he will bark when he is not). He enjoys playing with his ball, but he often likes to play tug of war, along with fetch, as you try to grab the ball out of his mouth while he continuously lets go ever so slightly then grips the ball again. Sometimes, he even drops his ball past his fence, so his family will have to get it for him. He loves to be pet, and he'll run up to you and try to touch your face with his if you're sitting and he's excited (especially if you just arrived). He is always ready to go outside!
Daxpy the dinosaur was around for about a year before he made his first appearance in a game. Often times in class, I would doodle pictures of Daxpy. These pictures were almost identical to Daxpy's current appearance. Because he was so prevalent my classes, his name is actually a term from my parallel computing class. I have always loved dinosaurs, so that may be why Daxpy took his place in my notes. He loves to eat apple-like fruit from palm-like trees, but he is also content eating them off the ground.
This chickadee loves to bounce on trampolines all day long. She is quite good at flips! She has to be careful though, because she is allergic to bees. Though she has the disadvantage of not being able to fly, she has a big heart for the other birds in her flock. She is even willing to brave the bees in order to rescue them. Her name is based on my mother's nickname.
Appears in: Pixelmunk
This little chipmunk loves acorns and playing in trees. He is somewhat shy, but he enjoys seeing familiar faces. Because he plays so much, he is very agile and fit for a chipmunk. This gives him quite the appetite! He is based off of a little chipmunk that would spend its time in my grandmother's front yard.
This little duck gets lost quite easily! In The Great Duckdee Chase, you must find duckdees and return them to their mother. Although separated for a while in the game, both the mother duck and the duckdees trust that you will bring them together again. That is why the duckdee is so happy! The name duckdee comes from the name my fiancée used to call ducks as a child.
Appears in: Marula
This large elephant loves to eat marula fruit, but he is always having to deal with pesky monkeys. He lives in South Africa, the country my parents were born in. His name comes from the name of many of my stuffed elephants as a child. (Elephants are my favorite animal.) He has quite the extendable trunk, and he never forgets a friendly face!
This dolphin is quite the athlete. He is the star of Dolphin Volleyball, as he loves to play sports. He has many friends with alliterative names who also like to play. His most powerful move is his tail spike. He lives in the ocean off the coast of Florida - the place where I first saw a dolphin.
This fish is known for being very close to his family. He never grows tired of them and loves to help them. Several times, his mother and father have been in danger, and he has quickly come to their aid. He is an excellent swimmer. He is happiest when he is eating kelp, his favorite food, with his family.
Although fleas are often seen as a dog's biggest vice, this flea is shy and minds his own business. He is very scared when he is alone but feels strong when he is with other fleas. He is sometimes known to move sporadically trying to catch a dog off guard. Sometimes, he tries to strike up a conversation with a dog when he is not hungry, but usually, he is too quiet to be heard. When the dog does hear him, however, he and the dog will often appreciate the talk and consider each other friends despite their differences.
You do not want to click this giraffe! Doing so will cause you to lose in Click the Elephant! This giraffe is actually good friends with the elephant. They enjoy making puzzles together. If Giraffie wants to move something, he will call Peanut for help. If Peanut needs to reach something tall, he will call Giraffie for help. Giraffie is named after the stuffed giraffe that I had as a child.
Hallaby is a trusty steed, who makes traveling across the land much quicker and easier. He is a loyal partner, and he is willing to stick by his master in any situation. His favorite foods are apples and oats. Sometimes, if his master is hungry, he will refuse to eat his apples or oats in order that his master may eat them. He is intelligent enough to run to a doctor when his master is hurt and lead the doctor to his master. He is named after my sister's horse in the castle stories that my father used to tell when I was young.
As the protagonist of A Bee RPG, this resilient bee has to gain enough strength to defeat the king wasp. It won't be easy though. Facing many different foes in the dangerous outdoors won't be possible without training and upgrades purchased inside the safety of the hive.
Appears in: Bird Feed, Pilot Rescue
This bird is not one to make a big deal of himself. When someone is unkind to him, he turns the other cheek and merrily goes on his way. He enjoys being around his many brothers and sisters, and he likes to play dodging games with his friend, Mousie. He likes the forest, mountains, and city. He loves bird seed, and when he sees some, he will rush to get it. He is sometimes sad when he doesn't reach the seed in time, but his blue bird friends quickly cheer him up. Then, he is back to his old self. He can go a very long time without taking a break from flying, and he never complains about being tired.
A kangaroo is not usually a creature that enjoys jumping upside-down. However, this kangaroo is not your average joey. She enjoys jumping upside-down, and she is fascinated by human inventions. If she can, she will find an invention and inspect it. One such invention that she inspects is a lamp. She lives in Australia, and she dreams of hopping across the whole country one day.
This cat is Cocoa's friend, but he often finds himself falling from the sky. However, Cocoa comes out in the harsh weather to save his good buddy. It is an unlikely relationship between a cat and a dog, but this cat is especially kindhearted. This cat is of German heritage as can be seen by his name.
Lambie is a playful creature. First appearing in Wool Tycoon, he frolicked happily in the meadows while you took took good care of him, and eventually he helped provide warm wool. However, he also had a brief stint where he looked for some excitement around the farm. Hopping in a pram, this little lamb tried to ride as far as possible while avoiding obstacles. He is named after the stuffed lamb that I would take wherever I went as a child.
This hard-working duck is in charge of collecting hay bails in the back of his truck. You can help him in the iOS app, Duck in a Truck. He quacks with excitement when a bail lands successfully in the back of his truck but is always willing to give it another shot upon failure. It is rumored that this mallard has an interest in upgrading the look of his truck. He thinks that a truck is the perfect vehicle for a duck on account of the words rhyming.
This little monkey is quite the prankster. He enjoys teasing the other animals, but he means to harm by it. In a serious situation, this monkey would be willing to help out just about anybody. However, that doesn't stop him from getting on some of the other animal's nerves! Sometimes, when he feels like nobody knows that he is there, he will let out a cry. Although he enjoys teasing elephants, they are his favorite animal.
Mother Goosey
While trying to help a mother duck find her baby duckdees, you will probably stumble across this mother goose. While she is very happy that you are helping find a mother's babies, she is not too thrilled that you are picking her up! She finds cozy places to rest and often finds duckdees there. She always guides them home, back to their mother, when she does.
Mousie is one of Game 103's oldest characters. This little mouse is one of many talents! Those talents include playing guitar, flying airplanes (in multiple games!), and platforming. He enjoys wearing rain jackets, especially yellow ones. He has a wife, two sons, and a young daughter. Mousie is based on the stories of the little mouse in the yellow raincoat that my grandmother used to tell me, my siblings, and my cousins when we were young. There was even a story about the little mouse helping with a hot air balloon - that may be why Mousie loves flying so much!
Mr. Game 103
This dot has quite the variety of tasks to accomplish. As the main character in two adventure games, he designs towns, takes care of animals, rides horses, dives underwater, feeds ducks, and plays mini-games. Although he is a skilled dot, he does not like to be touched by bubbles for some reason. I often dreamed of a game where you could do a lot of different activities, and Mr. Game 103 is the protagonist in my attempts to create such a game.
Appears in: Pony's Predicament
Patches is a sturdy workhorse with great humility. Whenever Patches gets assigned a tough delivery task that involves a long day's work, he is grateful for the opportunity and always does his best work. He is very intelligent too, as he has gotten a lot of practice in finding the most efficient delivery routes. People around town recognize that he has come when he neighs upon reaching their house. He is always careful with the packages that he delivers and enjoys it when the townspeople come out to greet him. He is named after my horse in the castle stories that my father used to tell when I was a child.
This little elephant is known to be quite elusive. He enjoys playful games and puzzles, and he loves peanuts. Peanuts are even known to make him come out of hiding. He is much smaller than the average elephant, so maybe being afraid of mice isn't so strange in his case! If you are playing Click the Elephant, be sure to look for him.
A small penguin as adventurous as this one is bound to run into some trouble at some point. This penguin loves diving for his favorite food - fish - and sliding across ice on his belly. However, he is notorious for venturing to places where penguins are not usually found, such as forests, mountains, and cities. Although he thinks everything is alright, sometimes he is in need of being rescued. He is named after my penguin character in a popular game when I was younger.
Appears in: Lamb in a Pram
This little pig is very close with the other pigs. He enjoys going up to his sleeping friends and plopping down between them for a nap. However, the other pigs do not seem to mind as they all like to cuddle together. Sometimes, when interacting with people, this pig may nip at their feet to show them that he is their friend. The people often do not understand him, but his owners on the farm do. He would never hurt someone out of anger.
Appears in: Game 103 World
It seems as though this duck never gets enough bread! He lives with a few other ducks in a very small pond in Game 103 World, but he does not mind. He gets plenty of visitors, who keep him from getting lonely. Sometimes, he is more excited to see a visitor than to eat the bread that is brought. When he wakes up on a sunny day, he is excited because he knows that he might get a visitor.
This cardinal has an interesting hair style. Although he seems to be wearing a mask, the black around his eyes is part of his face. He loves flying with the other birds, but he is a little shy. Therefore, he doesn't mind when they think that he is, in fact, wearing a mask. Watch out for him when he's flying with his friends when you are playing Lamb in a Pram.
Sohpie is my grandparent's dog. Although she is small, she is very fit due to her many walks, and she is not afraid to stand up to big dogs. She is a Jack Russell Terrier, and she enjoys licking people. Sometimes, she will fall asleep on your lap, but she usually only does this with her mother (my grandmother). She has a high-pitched bark that she lets out when the doorbell is rung, and she'll run through the house messing up the carpets once the door is opened.
Appears in: Lamb in a Pram
This cow enjoys being with other cows and watching grand adventures. While she is not one for much action, she enjoys watching lambs and people in action. She lives on a farm and is one of the friendliest cows you will ever meet. Her personality can be compared to that of an old dog. She likes her spots and is even happier than usual when people comment on them.
Appears in: Lamb in a Pram
This pigeon is a little different than the other birds. What he lacks in color, he makes up for in bravery. While the other birds are often afraid of other creatures, this pigeon is courageous. He even initiated a conversation once with Lambie when Lambie was zooming past in his pram. He is not brave to a fault, however. He knows danger when he sees it, and he is able to fly away very fast. The other birds love to hear the stories that he has from interesting interactions.
This guitar sees letters and thinks music. A self-playing piano is not too uncommon, but a self-playing guitar is rather unique. This guitar loves words and languages. When he reads, he thinks about how he could write a tune that is similar to what he is reading. When playing music, he feels like he is in the clouds, because he is having such a good time.