Fun Facts

Mousie's Adventure was made in three days.

Trampoline Chickadee was made in 24 hours.

Cocoa, my dog who features in many Game 103 games, was born on January 2, 2006. He is a chocolate/black labrador mix.

Elephants are my favorite animal.

Cocoa is the dog on the left in Rainin' Cats & Dogs. Sophie, the Jack Russell, is the dog on the right.

Grand Estuary was started in January 2013. It was mostly finished around the beginning of June 2013.

Kasey, the young lady in The Great Duckdee Chase, is my wife. She called ducks, "Duckdees," as a small child.

Pony's Predicament is based on a classic problem called the Traveling Salesman Problem. The game's twist is having to return to the Post Office.