MarulaMarula Take control of an elephant and try to collect marula nuts with your trunk. But, don't hit the monkeys.🎮 517 playsPony's PredicamentPony's Predicament Play as a horse as you deliver all the packages in the most efficient manner using given roads.🎮 406 playsThe Big Pig GameThe Big Pig Game Play as a pig as you use power ups to complete levels and avoid vegetables.🎮 399 playsRainbow MechanicRainbow Mechanic Place mirrors in different locations to allow the light to reach the prism and form a rainbow!🎮 345 playsGluey 2Gluey 2 Pop blobs of the same color. The larger the blob, the more points you earn!🎮 334 playsSpring MarblesSpring Marbles Select smaller groups of marbles from the larger group that match the shapes required to complete levels.🎮 323 playsBloonsBloons Pop balloons with darts while playing as a monkey in this classic game.🎮 319 playsClick the ElephantClick the Elephant Click the elephant to go to the next level but watch out for the giraffe! Aim for the quickest time!🎮 317 playsSuperdozerSuperdozer Play as a bulldozer as you strategically move logs into the fire to clear a path.🎮 307 playsFlip-a-BloxFlip-a-Blox Play through 30 challenging levels or find and share levels online in this tile-flipping game!🎮📱 299 playsMazeEyeMazeEye Move only in a straight line towards a wall in order to collect the key and get to the exit.🎮 298 playsTappy StarsTappy Stars Click the stars in the correct order as fast as you can!🎮 297 playsSheepwalkSheepwalk Herd all the sheep into their pen as fast as possible while avoiding dangers.🎮 287 playsBloons 2Bloons 2 Pop the balloons on all new courses in the sequel to the original.🎮 285 playsGlobbyGlobby Collect all the coins in each level as quickly as possible while strategically pushing crates and avoiding obstacles.🎮 279 plays