Marula Marula Take control of an elephant and try to collect marula nuts with your trunk. But, don't hit the monkeys. 433 plays The Big Pig Game The Big Pig Game Play as a pig as you use power ups to complete levels and avoid vegetables. 342 plays Pony's Predicament Pony's Predicament Play as a horse as you deliver all the packages in the most efficient manner using given roads. 338 plays Rainbow Mechanic Rainbow Mechanic Place mirrors in different locations to allow the light to reach the prism and form a rainbow! 303 plays Gluey 2 Gluey 2 Pop blobs of the same color. The larger the blob, the more points you earn! 302 plays Spring Marbles Spring Marbles Select smaller groups of marbles from the larger group that match the shapes required to complete levels. 286 plays Superdozer Superdozer Play as a bulldozer as you strategically move logs into the fire to clear a path. 275 plays Tappy Stars Tappy Stars Click the stars in the correct order as fast as you can! 272 plays Click the Elephant Click the Elephant Click the elephant to go to the next level but watch out for the giraffe! Aim for the quickest time! 269 plays MazeEye MazeEye Move only in a straight line towards a wall in order to collect the key and get to the exit. 266 plays Bloons Bloons Pop balloons with darts while playing as a monkey in this classic game. 260 plays Sheepwalk Sheepwalk Herd all the sheep into their pen as fast as possible while avoiding dangers. 254 plays Timemu Timemu Find a new home for your family of emus by controlling time to use past versions of yourself to clear levels. 252 plays Globby Globby Collect all the coins in each level as quickly as possible while strategically pushing crates and avoiding obstacles. 252 plays Bloons 2 Bloons 2 Pop the balloons on all new courses in the sequel to the original. 250 plays