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Thanks for playing the Game 103 game, Flip-a-Blox. On this page you will a detailed account of how your data is handled, and a way to contact the developer with any questions that you have.

Privacy Policy

Flip-a-Blox stores information about levels that you upload, and the levels that you play online. When you upload a level, level-specific information is stored (i.e. tiles, background color) along with your Facebook user ID if you choose the option to connect your Facebook account to Flip-a-Blox. Your Facebook ID is stored with your level, so that your friends can find your levels when using the 'Find Levels Online' feature. They can choose to log into Facebook to find levels by their Facebook friends. Facebook will provide a list of their friends' user IDs, and then Game 103 will return a list of all the levels that are associated with their friends' user IDs - including your levels. A Facebook user ID simply allows one to identify your Facebook profile. Your Facebook user ID is not shared by Game 103 and only used for allowing you and your Facebook friends to find each others levels.
Additionally, when you play an online level, the fact that you played it is recorded. This is to allow levels to be sorted by popularity. When your play is recorded, your IP address is also stored to ensure that one can not manipulate the popularity rankings by playing the same level over and over.
No other information about you, the user, is stored when playing Flip-a-Blox. If you do not upload levels with Flip-a-Blox connected to Facebook, and you do not play levels online, no data about you is collected.


To contact me, James Grams, one of the developers of Flip-a-Blox, send an email to james@game103.net. Thanks for playing!

Credits and other information

Music, levels, and desgin: Kasey Mann

Programming and concept: James Grams

Product Testing: Kasey Mann, James Grams

Sound effects: freesfx.co.uk

Font (Abril Fatface): TypeTogether