Lets EncryptLets Encrypt Get a free SSL/TLS certificate to enable HTTPS on your site and automatically get a new certificate when your old one expires using this service.📚 1 visitGoogle Custom Web SearchGoogle Custom Web Search Create a search engine for your website through Google.📚 8 visitsPHPPHP Use this programming language to write scripts that can be run on your web server to power your website.📚 1 visitMySQLMySQL Run this database with a free version on your web server to store information in a robust way that is accessible from your programs.📚 2 visitsphpMyAdminphpMyAdmin Manage your MySQL databases with this simple GUI that is accessible through your web browser.📚 1 visitXAMPPXAMPP Set up a web server on your computer with various features including the ability to have a MySQL database and run PHP code.📚 1 visitBootstrapBootstrap Use Bootstrap to quickly add nice looking styles to your web pages.📚 3 visitsTomcatTomcat Run Java programs on the web in the form of servlets with this helpful and free tool. 📚 2 visitsAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player Use this plugin to run SWF files on your computer.📚 2 visitsjQueryjQuery Use this JavaScript library to expand upon the basic capabilities of the language and easily create scripts compatible in multiple browsers.DataTablesDataTables Use this jQuery Plugin to instantly add capabilities such as sorting, searching, and paging to your simple HTML tables.Twitter DeveloperTwitter Developer Access tools to aid you in connecting programs to Twitter and register apps to communicate with Twitter.PHP Graph SDKPHP Graph SDK Post to Facebook easily from your applications written in PHP.Facebook API ExplorerFacebook API Explorer Test various API calls to Facebook and even generate authentication tokens.Facebook DeveloperFacebook Developer Register and manage applications that you integrate with Facebook.📚 2 visits