AckAck Easily search for terms in your files from the command line with this tool. 0 visits Adobe AnimateAdobe Animate Create dynamic games and animations for the web and other devices in this program that offers a free trial and education discount. 1 visit Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player Use this plugin to run SWF files on your computer. 2 visits Android StudioAndroid Studio Develop native applications for Android with this fully-featured editor. 0 visits Apple DeveloperApple Developer Access resources to help you develop for Apple products. 0 visits BloggerBlogger Create a free blog to post your information. 1 visit BootstrapBootstrap Use Bootstrap to quickly add nice looking styles to your web pages. 3 visits BytecrankBytecrank Create content for your web pages through Bytecrank's easy to use HTML generator, and even save your content using Bytecrank filebox! 0 visits ChromebrewChromebrew Easily install Linux programs on your Chrome OS Device using this package manager. 1 visit Codebird PHPCodebird PHP Easily post to twitter from a program written in PHP with this helpful tool. 0 visits Crop GIFsCrop GIFs Easily crop animated GIF images with this online tool. 1 visit CUDACUDA Write parallel programs that use the many cores in your graphics card with this tool. 0 visits DataTablesDataTables Use this jQuery Plugin to instantly add capabilities such as sorting, searching, and paging to your simple HTML tables. 0 visits Create great looking diagrams and graphs with this online editor. 0 visits EaseUSEaseUS Use this tool to recover deleted files from your hard drive. 1 visit EclipseEclipse Use this free editor to easily create Java applications. 1 visit Facebook API ExplorerFacebook API Explorer Test various API calls to Facebook and even generate authentication tokens. 0 visits Facebook DeveloperFacebook Developer Register and manage applications that you integrate with Facebook. 2 visits FileZillaFileZilla A File Transfer Protocol client that will allow you to easily upload content to your hosting service. 0 visits Flash ActionScript Key CodesFlash ActionScript Key Codes Find the correct key codes to use when developing with Flash. 1 visit Font AwesomeFont Awesome Easily add icons and logos to your site using Font Awesome's resources. 1 visit G SuiteG Suite Let Google take care of email and other tools for your website with this service that you can try for free. 0 visits Game MakerGame Maker Easily make games that can be published on multiple platforms without any programming knowledge needed. 0 visits GIMPGIMP A free, yet fully-featured, image editing program. 0 visits GitGit Easily document revisions and allow others to collaborate on projects with this file management tool. 0 visits GitHubGitHub Host your programming projects online for free through the Git system. 0 visits Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Install a piece of code on your web pages to track the success of your website. 1 visit Google Custom Web SearchGoogle Custom Web Search Create a search engine for your website through Google. 10 visits Google FontsGoogle Fonts Gain access to hundreds of fonts that can be used on your website and served from Google's CDN. 0 visits IonicIonic Develop for both Android and iOS platforms using JavaScript with this framework. 0 visits iTunes ConnectiTunes Connect Submit your apps to the Apple app store and manage your existing apps. 0 visits JESJES Easily manipulate media with python in this development environment aimed at students. 0 visits JPEXS Flash DecompilerJPEXS Flash Decompiler Use this free tool to convert SWF files back into FLA format, so they can be easily edited. 0 visits jQueryjQuery Use this JavaScript library to expand upon the basic capabilities of the language and easily create scripts compatible in multiple browsers. 0 visits JS FiddleJS Fiddle Run CSS, Javascript, and HTML to create dynamic web pages in this online editor. 0 visits Kirupa FlashKirupa Flash Browse through many tutorials on developing with Flash. 0 visits Let's EncryptLet's Encrypt Get a free SSL/TLS certificate to enable HTTPS on your site and automatically get a new certificate when your old one expires using this service. 1 visit Make Image TransparentMake Image Transparent Use this online tool to turn part of an image transparent. 2 visits MavenMaven Use this tool to manage which Java libraries are included in your project. 12 visits Easily convert audio from one format to another using this online tool. 10 visits Milkman PluginsMilkman Plugins Access plugins that allow you to make use of various capabilities of mobile devices and online tools when developing in ActionScript. 1 visit MySQLMySQL Run this database with a free version on your web server to store information in a robust way that is accessible from your programs. 2 visits Node.jsNode.js Write JavaScript programs that run independently of your browser. 1 visit Notepad++Notepad++ A great text editor to use for programming on Windows. 0 visits npmnpm Quickly install Node.js modules with this package manager. 0 visits OpenMPIOpenMPI Create programs that can be distributed on multiple computers making use of more processing power using this tool. 0 visits Photon BrowserPhoton Browser Play Flash easily on mobile using this simple web browser for iOS and Android. 1 visit PHPPHP Use this programming language to write scripts that can be run on your web server to power your website. 1 visit PHP FiddlePHP Fiddle Test out your PHP code online using this in-browser editor. 0 visits PHP Graph SDKPHP Graph SDK Post to Facebook easily from your applications written in PHP. 0 visits