Facebook DeveloperFacebook Developer Register and manage applications that you integrate with Facebook. 4 visits TomcatTomcat Run Java programs on the web in the form of servlets with this helpful and free tool. 3 visits BootstrapBootstrap Use Bootstrap to quickly add nice looking styles to your web pages. 3 visits Milkman PluginsMilkman Plugins Access plugins that allow you to make use of various capabilities of mobile devices and online tools when developing in ActionScript. 1 visit PyodbcPyodbc A package that will allow you to connect to databases with Python. 0 visits IonicIonic Develop for both Android and iOS platforms using JavaScript with this framework. 0 visits Codebird PHPCodebird PHP Easily post to twitter from a program written in PHP with this helpful tool. 0 visits Facebook API ExplorerFacebook API Explorer Test various API calls to Facebook and even generate authentication tokens. 0 visits PHP Graph SDKPHP Graph SDK Post to Facebook easily from your applications written in PHP. 0 visits Twitter DeveloperTwitter Developer Access tools to aid you in connecting programs to Twitter and register apps to communicate with Twitter. 0 visits jQueryjQuery Use this JavaScript library to expand upon the basic capabilities of the language and easily create scripts compatible in multiple browsers. 0 visits OpenMPIOpenMPI Create programs that can be distributed on multiple computers making use of more processing power using this tool. 0 visits CUDACUDA Write parallel programs that use the many cores in your graphics card with this tool. 0 visits PuppeteerPuppeteer Easily control Chrome using this Node.js module to automate different jobs. 0 visits ArcGISArcGIS A powerful mapping tool that lets you find information about geographic areas. 0 visits