MazeEyeMazeEye Move only in a straight line towards a wall in order to collect the key and get to the exit.🎮 298 playsLearn to Fly IdleLearn to Fly Idle Upgrade your snowball shooting skills to get past various snowy enemies while playing as a penguin.🎮 298 playsTurtle Mega RushTurtle Mega Rush Escape the kitchen and the chef as you upgrade your turtle!🎮 297 playsTappy StarsTappy Stars Click the stars in the correct order as fast as you can!🎮 297 playsPajama Boy 3Pajama Boy 3 Complete small stages by dodging obstacles, collecting keys, and opening cages in order to save the city!🎮 297 playsPapa's PizzeriaPapa's Pizzeria Run the pizzeria and try to serve all the orders correctly.🎮 295 playsCocoa CatchCocoa Catch Control Cocoa, catch the balls, and avoid the metal! The more balls you catch, the higher your score!🎮 293 playsStunt PilotStunt Pilot Carefully fly through all the rings in your stunt plane.🎮 288 playsSheepwalkSheepwalk Herd all the sheep into their pen as fast as possible while avoiding dangers.🎮 287 playsBloons 2Bloons 2 Pop the balloons on all new courses in the sequel to the original.🎮 285 playsBloons Tower Defense 3Bloons Tower Defense 3 Play on several different tracks as you place monkeys along the side to stop the oncoming balloons.🎮 282 playsTower StackerTower Stacker Drop the blocks at the right time to make your tower as tall as possible.🎮 282 playsGlobbyGlobby Collect all the coins in each level as quickly as possible while strategically pushing crates and avoiding obstacles.🎮 279 playsTimemuTimemu Find a new home for your family of emus by controlling time to use past versions of yourself to clear levels.🎮 278 playsWonder RocketWonder Rocket Upgrade your rocket and reach for the sky!🎮 278 plays