Max Dirt BikeMax Dirt Bike Ride your bike through twenty levels and be careful to keep your balance.🎮 274 playsBase JumpingBase Jumping React quickly as you jump and deploy your parachute to win base jumping leagues!🎮 274 playsIce RunIce Run Collect stars while racing as a penguin and trying to finish in first place!🎮 274 playsFree Rider 2Free Rider 2 Create your level, then try and complete it in this sequel in multiple vehicles!🎮 273 playsDuck Life 2Duck Life 2 Train your duck in swimming, running, climbing, and flying to become the new world champion.🎮 272 playsIce BeakIce Beak Get past the fiery enemies with swift flying and using your ice beak.🎮 272 playsPaint OverPaint Over Jump on tiles to find the key and unlock the door, but avoid tiles that are the same color as you.🎮 268 playsJelly DripsJelly Drips Escape from the lab by strategically controlling two different characters.🎮 267 playsCarrot FantasyCarrot Fantasy Build towers to protect the carrot in your adventure!🎮 267 playsPizzaboyPizzaboy Deliver pizzas to the people of Venice on your boat!🎮 266 playsBubble Tanks 2Bubble Tanks 2 Defeat enemies and dodge their attacks while building up your bubble tank.🎮 265 playsSky IslandSky Island Complete levels by getting past enemies, collecting stars, and changing your viewpoint.🎮 265 playsNuts and BoltsNuts and Bolts Play as robots as you try and get from one side of the construction area to the other.🎮 265 playsMole vs. LavaMole vs. Lava Jump as high as possible while collecting powerups, buying upgrades, and earning a higher score.🎮 264 playsDuck LifeDuck Life Train your last duck to win races to earn back your money.🎮 260 plays